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Is Santos the only one? We investigated all 93 new members of congress – USA TODAY

How did Rep. George Santos get away with lying about his education? Largely because credentials are rarely checked.

Calls for George Santos to resign now coming from New York Republicans

New York Republicans are demanding Rep. George Santos resign after he admitted to lying about his education, work experience and being Jewish.

Anthony Jackson, USA TODAY

USA TODAY checked …….

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“Exhausted majority” wants to rethink K-12 education – Axios

Students walk through the hallway at a high school during the first day of classes in September 2021 in Novi, Michigan. Photo: Emily Elconin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Americans have drastically shifted some priorities on K-12 education since the start of COVID, a new study by Populace reveals.

Why it matters: There’s new pressure to change the existing model. Preparing students for college has fallen from 10th highest pr…….

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In the spirit of MLK, we must rediscover the purpose of education – The Hill

In 1947, an 18-year-old student published an op-ed in his college newspaper titled, “The Purpose of Education.” “We must remember that intelligence is not enough,” wrote the young Martin Luther King, Jr. “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

King ended his essay with a warning. “If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical p…….

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Three Kansas Board of Education newcomers make presence felt at inaugural meeting – Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA — Kansas Board of Education member Dennis Hershberger interrupted a presentation on school nutrition programs during his first meeting as a board member by inquiring about ideological justification for government spending on summer meals for children.

“How did that evolve?” said Hershberger, among three new Republicans on the board. “What created that need?”

In addit…….

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National Education Association teachers union creates ‘Race-Based Trauma’ learning course – Fox News

The National Education Association (NEA), a labor union composed of educators, has announced a “Race-Based Trauma Blended Learning Course.”

The course will “explore race-based trauma, its causes and effects, and offers research-based tools to address it,” according to the NEA’s Twitter. 


“Our students are shouldering…….

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With New College gambit, DeSantis aims to ‘recapture higher education’ – Tampa Bay Times

Nestled between Sarasota Bay and the Tamiami Trail, the small campus once dubbed “Barefoot U” has been a progressive enclave in a conservative county for 60 years.

New College of Florida has clung to its identity since its founding at the peak of the counterculture movement.

Now, the 110-acre liberal arts school with fewer than 700 students finds itself in the national spotlight, thrust into…….

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My parents failed to guide me through my education. Do I confront them? – The Guardian

Our eldest just started university. We have provided every conceivable support up to now, and also committed to shouldering accommodation costs for the next three years. I didn’t go into higher education when young (I gained BSc and MSc a couple of years ago) but I’m now realising how much support many children get throughout their education and I can’t help but reflect on the lack of parental support and gu…….

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